If managed properly, arthritis can be managed efficiently with diet control. I’d recommend she should assure inclusion of foods rich in flavonoids as they aid in alleviating inflammation. For instance, commonly known things include green tea, grapes, broccoli, berries and soy. However she should consume these in moderation for them to deliver results. Fibre rich foods and whole grains also are favoured in cases of intense arthritis. If beliefs permit, she may consume fish that is rich in Omega 3, for vegetarians, Chia seeds are a favourite for the purpose. Things including red meat, excessive sugary items and dairy are to kept minimal, if not avoided totally.

In cases of post-operative individuals, it is advisable to include high protein foods items such as eggs, dairy, meat, seafood and low fat cheese. For those who are vegetarian, choices may include beans, nuts, grains, soy, quinoa, etc. Peanut butter happens to be another famous choice for the said purpose. Also assure inclusion of foods items rich in Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D and Calcium. Usually patients are prescribed with pain killers and other medicines which might cause constipation, hence high concentration of fibre in diet is strongly advised. I wish him a speedy recovery.

People indeed tend to consume more sugary items during winter, especially those in profiles such as yours. However indulging more in sugary snacking can not only result in weight gain issues but can also cause sudden spikes in blood glucose levels, hence causing damage to well being in longer run. I strongly suggest that you replace the artificially sweetened foods with dry fruit such as dates, raisins, etc. Also for those who are on the move, carrying a small portion of fruit also comes handy. This not only provides for the sugar demand but also supplies other vital nutrients that otherwise get neglected in fast paced lives.

It is undoubtedly not healthy to consume any substance, leave tea or coffee alone, in such abundance. Remember, balance is the key. Tea or coffee may not actually help in brining respite from heat but can in fact only become an addiction. Replace those extra cups with few servings of green tea or herbal infusions. Turmeric milk has healing properties that boost immunity during winter. Also, you may consider adding Kawa with Nuts and Warm Lemon Water as a healthy substitute.

Gastric reflux is common in people who usually don’t gap the meals well. An imbalance in meal gaps results in build up of acid in the stomach, and it tends to rise up the Oesophagus. Taking antacids regularly is not a healthy thing and it develops resistance in the body. Add healthy snacking in between three major meals and avoid tea between meals. Also, increasing your hydration levels can help curb the acid reflux menace. Ensure that your meal timings are fixed or at least with minimum fluctuation.

It will be wrong to say that any specific type of oil can replace all others or just by eliminating one kind can suffice. Our body requires various types of oils and fats and hence it is recommended to stock at least two, if not more, varieties of oil in pantry. For instance, you can use one type of oil for sautéing and the other type for salad dressing and alike. Don’t believe in hyped oils and maintain a balance between oil types. Canola oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil, olive oil are few to name.

Thank you for writing Rajeev! BPO professionals often come across a similar situation owing to erratic or untimed sleep cycles. However there is certainly a way to conquer the problem. Sleep acts like a nutrition for the brain like food acts for the body. Minimum 6 hours of sleep is essential regardless of the body type. Sleep deprivation shall force the body to reach in unwanted ways such as untimely cravings for food and sugar cravings during the day. The two chemicals in the body called Ghrelin and Leptin are impacted by unfulfilled sleep. The former signals the body about the time when the body wants to eat and the latter Leptin tells the brain to put the spoon down when stomach is full. In addition to this, Cortisol levels also spikes up due to sleep deprivation – resulting in increased stress levels.

Skipping the meals is the worst one can do towards physical and emotional health. One tends to run low on nutrition and hence resorting to portions of junk or processed food as a means of satiation. This undoubtedly results in myriad health issues such as those mentioned by you. I strong suggest that you follow strict and fixed diet timings and add 2-3 small meals in between the 3 major meals you eat – breakfast, lunch and dinner. This shall ensure that blood sugar, hormones, lipids such as cholesterol remain within healthy limits – keeping you away from unwanted disorders.

Indeed this is a common question among women during menopause. However the good news is that weight management and weight gain can go hand in hand. Please understand that weight gain during menopause is not abnormal or alarming as the increased levels of estrogen and slower metabolism are mainly the reasons behind it. Move slow – modify diet, add activity and exercise to lifestyle for dipping the scale in your favor. Avoiding sugar comes very handy in achieving weight goals, no matter what. Cut down on the saturated fats and replace those with plant based sources of Vitamin E, anti oxidants and Omega 3. While calcium is good for body, overdoing it can defeat the purpose entirely. Not to forget, stay happy, always!

Instead of taking almonds as they are, try consuming them after soaking them overnight. This too should not be done in abundance but in a generous quantity. Acne is promoted by excess consumption of refined sugars, carbohydrates such as those in bread, potatoes and rice, fried foods, alcohol, chocolate, etc. Try replacing these with healthier choices in routine diet. At the same time, to rule out presence of any specific allergy to food, do consult a diet expert to help you better. Avoid cashew nuts as those are high in cholesterol and promote acne.

I suggest that you should get a Lactose Intolerance test done for your son, do this on priority. Also, it is normal to witness such problem in kids. This is to be understood that if taken empty stomach, milk creates acidity. As the first step, he should avoid consuming milk early in morning. Milk can be taken at some other time during the day such as in evening. Also, in morning try replacing milk with something solid. I reiterate that before modifying dietary styles, do ensure prevalence of the intolerance by getting relevant tests performed and consulting an expert.

The weight gain observed after working out is often result of inflammation caused by tearing of muscle fibres. Please note that it is not a permanent gain and shall subside once the muscles repair themselves. Also, it is commonly seen that after workout, people tend to indulge in food; hence defeating the purpose of exercise. I strongly suggest that you get a customised diet plan made for your body type.

Water retention is commonly observed in bodies of urban population owing to erratic diet styles and excess intake of salty foods. One should add more protein in diet and should also consume potassium rich foods such as banana, cucumber, salad leaves, parsley, etc. Limit the intake of drinks that dehydrate the body – tea, coffee and alcohol are few to name. Adequate hydration also aids in cutting down water retention as it promotes urination. It is highly recommended to bring down the consumption of processed foods and sodium-rich food items from routine diet.

Nuts are rich sources of nutrients such as Omega 3, fibre and good fats. It is recommended to add handful of nuts in daily diet. However the high calorie content in nuts makes it noteworthy that one should refrain from eating them in excess. In addition to this, consult your diet expert to understand which nuts are better for you.

Allergies are common during change in weather as body takes time to adapt to the change,hence bringing down the immunity to some extent. While there is no cure for allergies except rest,proper nutrition can help reduce chance of catching allergies. Do consider adding fruit and freshproduce that fights and lowers histamines – such as pineapple, kiwi, onions. Minimise theconsumption of processed foods and packed beverages. The presence of various chemicals suchas quercetin and bromelain works as an anti histamine. Staying hydrated also plays a vital role inboosting immunity and brining down allergies. However do note that prevention and preparation isbetter than cure, especially in case of allergies.

First thing first, relax. Two, one wouldn’t consult internet for a heart ailment, would one? Similarly it is of utmost importance to not take diet planning seriously. Each body type would need a specific set of elements to maintain weight. Following a plan blindly can not only be ineffective but can also deprive body of vital nutrients hence resulting in serious ailments over a short period of time. Consult a professional to help you with weight maintenance. Happy living!