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  • Mushroom Sandwich

    Mushroom Sandwich

    admin Jun, 21, 2017

      Ingredients: 2 Slice Wheat Bread Triangles 20 Grams of Mushroom Quarters 20 Grams of Onion & Capsicum 2 Spoons of tomato Puree(Home Made) Herbs…

  • Vegetable Sandwich

    Vegetable Sandwich


    Ingredients: Sandwich Bread - White/Brown - 2 Slices Carrot - 1 Tbsp Grated Onion-1/4 Round Cut Capsicum - 1 Tbsp Finely Chopped Other Veg- Cucumber,…

  • Fruit Chaat/Platter

    Fruit Chaat/Platter


    Ingredients: Apple diced-1 Pear diced-1 Papaya diced-1slice Kiwi diced-1 Guava diced-1 watermelon diced-1slice Orange peeled-1 Method: Arrange fruits on large platter. Servings for 4-5.

  • Slimmer Salad

    Slimmer Salad


    Ingredients: 1/2 Bunch Iceberg Lettuce 1 Medium Sized Apples ¼ Small Sized Watermelon(Optional) 1/2 Medium Sized Carrot 1/2 Medium Sized Cucumber 1 Medium Sized Tomatoes…

  • Spinach Soup

    Spinach Soup


    Ingredients: 1 Bunch Thoroughly Washed  Spinach 1/2″ Cinnamon Stick Cloves 2 Bay Leaf 1 Few Curry Leaves Finely Chopped, 1 Medium-Sized Onion Finely Chopped,2 Garlic…

  • Carrot Soup

    Carrot Soup


    Ingredients: Chopped Carrots 1 Cup  Chopped Onions 1/4 Cup  Yellow Moong Dal (Split Yellow Gram) 1 tbsp  Low-Fat Milk(99.7 % Fat-Free , Readily Available In…